Course curriculum

  • 1

    How To Find Your Niche: Nichestorming

    • Nichestorming PDF Workbook (Download this FIRST)

    • Welcome to Impact Your Niche

    • Industry Vs Niche + 150+ Examples

    • Nichestorming + Diagnosis

    • Horizontal & Vertical Specialisation To Find Your Ideal Client

    • Using Your Before & After Story To Find Your Niche

    • Simplest Way To Find Your Niche

    • Creating Your Impact Statement

  • 2

    Doing Niche Market Research: Nichesearching

    • Nichesearching PDF Workbook (Download this FIRST)

    • Should You Follow Passion Or Profit?

    • Is Your Niche Growing Or Dying?

    • Finding Your Niche Superstars

    • Selecting Social Media Platforms For Your Niche

    • Should My Username Have My Niche In It?

    • Mastering Hashtags For Your Niche

    • How To Get Your Ideal Client Following You

    • Posting To Social Media Checklist

    • Niche Social Media Profile Photo Checklist

    • Social Media Niche Checklist

  • 3


    • Nichesolving PDF Workbook (Download this FIRST)

    • Coaching vs Consulting vs Freelancing

    • What Business Model Should I Choose?

  • 4

    Getting Deeper Into Your Niche

    • Digging Deeper Vs Merging Niches

    • What To Do If Your Niche Is Too Saturated

    • Workbook Goals

  • 5

    Optmising For Your Niche

    • Finding Your Unique Niche

    • Selecting Social Media Platforms Based On Your Niche

  • 6


    • Positioning Workbook (Download FIRST)

    • How Online Coaching Works

    • The Importance of Social Media

    • Social Media As Your Workspace

    • Don't Make These Social Media Mistakes

    • Cratfing Your Client Journey Map On Social Media

    • Selecting Your Social Media Platforms

    • Nailing Your Social Media Pages

    • Your Interactive Content Calendar

    • How To Gain Hyper-Targeted Followers

    • Batch Creating Content Using The CQA Method